• Born the 31st of December 1935 in Slisane, under the mountain Petrova gora, in south of Serbia, Yugoslavia.
    Graduated on the Law University in Belgrade 1958.
    Diplomatic career finished 1991 in Paris.

During his stay in Paris 1965-68 and 1987-91, exhibitions, art galleries and his contacts with Yugoslav painters contribute his artistic maturity. In Paris, may-june 1991 he exposed 54 paintings and drawning’s made by feltpen on paper. That exhibition surprised every one. The public reception was surprising while other painter’s welcomended it favorably.

P. Omcikus: “Ivan is Thrue revelation…”

M. Popovic: “Undeniable quality and contribute to our art”

Opinions of Art critics …

Laurand Kovacs: “There is a secret path. If we follow it, stained glasses and one strange world are opening to us, prisoners who dancing, naked, and then liberate themselves in explosion of colors. Bravo to the poet and to the painter. “

Gordana Kren: “Looking at the paintings of Ivan Mladenovic, I have the impressions that every drawn line stays open for endless possibilities of themes and colors. In short, Ivan, you seem to be a magician of lines and colors which converse with the past (the mother, the war) and the future (the body of a young woman the symbolizing continuity of life).

Milene le Conte: “Naked men and woman, landscapes of beloved homeland or landscapes from imagination, every pictorial element becomes something else when touched by moving line that gets it’s force from the most intimate inside echo. In the glowing flame of warm colours each drawing unites real world with the dream world – a union that wipes out borders and exposes to the astonished viewer some third world in which fillings and metaphysical thoughts conflux into an original composition. Congratulations for beautifull imagination of a consul with multiple facets”.

Artist with wife and friends

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